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What You Should Know About the Chrome SSL Lock Update

What You Should Know About the Chrome SSL Lock Update

Change is the only thing that never changes. This time, the consistency extended to the lock icon in Chrome’s address bar for websites. Google has determined that the SSL lock icon should be replaced with one that better reflects its true meaning. They have decided to use the “tune” icon instead of the lock icon since they believe it to be less deceptive. “Why fix something that’s not broken?” is probably what’s on your mind. An appropriate query to address.

Although it wasn’t damaged and won’t be entirely removed, the lock icon will no longer serve as a hint that a website is “safe.” Not quite, anyhow. We’ll go over the meaning of the lock icon adjustments and Google’s goals for them.

What exactly is the SSL lock icon?
This is what the SSL lock icon looks like so that we’re all on the same page.

It was established in the 1990s. They utilized it to demonstrate that there was a secure connection between a web server and a web browser both at the time of its introduction and even now. It demonstrated that the data transfer was safe and remained so.

In essence, the data would have to travel from your IP address to a server someplace each time your browser requested data in order to load a webpage. Data has a long way to travel, and hackers have found a way to steal it while it transit. The introduction of SSL altered the rules of the game by encrypting the data, making it impossible to decode even in the event of theft. They utilized the lock icon to indicate that it was encrypted.

Visit our blog post on why you should always use an SSL to find out more about the operation of the SSL system and its significance.

Myth about the SSL lock icon

The researchers of Google conducted some research in 2021 and determined out that most people don’t grasp what the lock actually means. Additionally, the participants were unclear about the implications for their online safety. In 2021, research revealed that an only 11% of study participants were truly aware of the meaning of the lock symbol. People may lose their data due to the misinterpretation of what it means, which may already have cost thousands of dollars.

The lock symbol is typically interpreted as a symbol of security and safety. Although accurate, such statement only applies to data that is in transit. It’s not really related to a website in particular. People get hurt by this misconception because SSL is also capable of being used by phishing and scam websites. An HTTP website, or one without an SSL certificate, will still be notified as insecure. That will apply to every platform. Although they are still in the process of optimizing it, Google put the change into effect in September 2023. It should become apparent in the upcoming months.

Users of iOS should be aware that the lock icon will no longer be available. They are unable to insert it inside the tune icon like they could on a desktop or Android device because the icon was never intended to be clickable.
How can I tell if a website is safe right now? To be honest, a website’s security was never meant to be indicated by a lock. The tune update will take care of this, which is nice. The bad news is that you will now need to familiarize yourself with the appearance of safe and secure websites.

In order to make everything work together, one method is to see if a website has an SSL certificate. Yes, there are plenty of scam websites, but if you’re not sure about a website, that’s an excellent place to start looking. In addition to searching for an SSL, seek for:

  • A strange URL
  • Spelling mistakes and missing information
  • Horrible reviews
  • Unusual ways to pay
  • What they’re selling for a price that seems too wonderful to be true
  • A review of that website by a website checker.
  • There won’t be just one item, but a few oddities should cause you to reconsider the website.

In summary
A fresh and less complacent perspective on website and browsing security is introduced by Google’s modification of the tune symbol. We could all take some security precautions to keep ourselves safe, even though Google does its hardest to make browsing safe.

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