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What Does Hosting do for a Website in Kenya?

What Does Hosting do for a Website in Kenya?

What is web hosting?

A website is hosted when a hosting company allocates room on a web server for a website’s files to be stored. Web hosting makes the files that make up a website (code, pictures, and so on) accessible online. A server hosts every website you’ve ever visited.

The quantity of space allotted to a website on a server is determined by the type of hosting. Shared, dedicated, VPS, and reseller hosting are the most common types of hosting. They are distinguished by the type of server technology used, the level of management provided, and the additional services available.

In a word, web hosting is the process of renting or purchasing space on the Internet to house a website. To be seen online, website material such as HTML, CSS, and images must be stored on a server.

What is the definition of a server?

A server is a computer that connects other online users from all around the world to your website. Web hosting service providers, as the name implies, provide the servers, connections, and related services needed to host websites. They span the spectrum of hosting needs, from small blogs to huge companies, by offering a choice of hosting plans.

What Does Hosting do for a Website in Kenya?

If you want to build an online presence, you’ll need reliable web hosting. Today, there are literally hundreds of web hosts offering thousands of different web hosting services. Plans range from free with few features to pricey business-focused web hosting services. The plan you select will be based on how you intend to use your website and how much money you have set up for hosting.

How does Web Hosting work?

When the files that make up a website are uploaded from a local computer to a web server, it is known as web hosting. The resources of the server (RAM, hard drive space, and bandwidth) are divided among the websites that use it.

What Does Hosting do for a Website in Kenya? Depending on the hosting plan selected, the server resources are divided differently. To choose the best hosting package, you must first understand the differences between the various options. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s use a basic analogy for non-technical readers: It’s similar to looking for office space when it comes to choosing web hosting:

What criteria do you use to determine which type of office space is best for your needs? Is a workstation in an open co-working environment sufficient, or is an office within a business center the next best thing? Do you plan to expand quickly, or do you anticipate a lot of people coming and going? Would rent a complete building appeal to you, or would it be more appealing to build your own space?

How to Choose the Best Hosting Package in Kenya

Aside from the type of office you use, there are a few other things to think about. The ease with which the rooms may be accessed, the features they provide (such as a whiteboard, high-speed internet, and other amenities), and where they are located, as well as the overall cost. These factors will help you identify your needs and which sort of workplace is best for you. Let’s relate this decision-making process to finding the right web hosting.



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