SSL Certificate in Kenya

Secure your website and emails with an SSL certificate that ensures no eavesdropping befalls your visitors as they access your content. You’ll enjoy top-notch encryption and positive search engine rankings.

SSL Certificate Plans & Prices

Choose from a range of SSL hosting plans to meet your security needs and provide a safe browsing experience for your users.


Ksh 2,500 / Year
  • The most Popular SSL in the market
  • Affordable
  • A good SSL for blogs, personal pages and simple, basic websites that don’t transact large amounts of user information.
  • Brings encryption of up to 256 bits, validation and trustworthiness to your website.


Ksh 25,000 / Year
  • Secures the domain and all sub domains
  • Provides PCI Scanning
  • Ensures that all credit card details are handled with encryption
  • Wildcard


Ksh15,000 / Year
  • Secures multiple domains
  • Secures up to 3 domains
  • Domain Validation
  • Suitable for companies that fetch clients critical information e.g passwords and payment details
Vast Compatibility

All of our SSL certificates are supported by all major browsers.

Simple Setup

You can easily activate your SSL certificate with just a few clicks.

Strongest Encryption

Our SSL certificates use 256-bit or 128-bit encryption for data protection.

What Type of SSL Do I Need?

DV only requires proof you're the owner of the domain. This process is automated so these can be issued in minutes, but this means they're the least secure and trustworthy. DV SSL prices are usually low, suitable for personal blogs and portfolios.

OV requires proof of domain ownership as well as your organisation’s name and location. This garners more trust, essential for sites that process client and payment data. OV SSLs take a bit more time and costs a bit more.

EV requires proof that your company is legally registered in a particular country, state, or city. The validation can take days, but you earn the ultimate display of trust, the company name shown proudly in green in the address bar. An example would be our Sectigo SSL EV Certificate.

Single domain certificates are the most common. They secure one Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or an individual subdomain, hostname, IP address, or mail server. An example of this would be our PositiveSSL or Sectigo SSL certificate.

Wildcard certificates are a step up from the former, offering protection for a single domain and all its subdomains. Examples from our offerings would be PositiveSSL Wildcard or Sectigo SSL Wildcard Certificate.

Multi-domain certificates pack the most punch. This bad boy provides protection for several different domains and all their subdomains, up to 250 depending on the authority issuing the certificate.

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