How to create a signature in Outlook

How to create a signature in Outlook

To set up a signature in Outlook, perform the following steps.

Step 1: On the Home tab, click the New Email button. And then click Signature > Signatures… on the Message tab, in the Include group.

> Another way to access the Signature feature is via File > Options > Mail section > Signatures… in Outlook 2010 and later. In Outlook 2007 and previous versions, it’s Tools > Options > Mail Format tab > Signatures.

Step 2: Either way, the Signatures and Stationery dialog window will open and display a list of previously created signatures, if any.

> To add a new signature, click the New button under Select signature to edit, and type a name for the signature in the New Signature dialog box.

Step 3: Under the Choose default signature section, do the following:

In the E-mail account dropdown list, choose an email account to associate with the newly created signature.

In the New Messages dropdown list, choose the signature to be automatically added to all new messages. If you don’t want Outlook to add any email signature to new messages automatically, leave the default (none) option.

From the Replies/forwards list, choose the signature for replies and forwarded messages, or leave the default option of (none).

Step 4: Type the signature into the Edit signature box, and click OK to save your new Outlook email signature. Done!

Similarly, you can create a different signature for another account, for example, one signature for personal emails and another for business emails.

You can even create two different email signatures for the same account, say a longer signature for new messages and a shorter and simpler one for replies and forwards. As soon as you have set up your email signatures, they all will appear in the New Messages and Replies/forwards dropdown lists:

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