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Domain and Web Hosting Prices in Kenya

Domain and Web Hosting Prices in Kenya

Domain and web hosting is one area that is mentioned severally but very few really understands it. In Kenya, there are so many companies registering domains and hosting websites. However, even their own clients understand not what technology and science is employed in the whole process.

A person will not understand how their domain is registered in a different company from the one hosting them. Explaining that to them becomes rocket science and hence the easier thing to do becomes just letting them be. Imagine a potential client calling to register their domain with your company and they are arguing that they don’t need hosting since they don’t have a website… You go ahead and ask them why they need the domain and you learn that it is for the purpose of emailing. Now you have to start a whole training on why a domain must be hosted if it’s to be useful even with those emails.

Costing is another issue that gets tough to explain to a good percentage of domain clients. Some people tend to see a domain as just a single product that once you say you want a domain, then there should be a certain price for that. With such, a service provider must be ready to explain to them terms such as ‘extension.’ You must make that person understand why they can’t get a .org domain at the same price with a domain.

Domain and web hosting prices in Kenya vary. One, by a company- though the difference is not as much, different companies charge differently. That is however not a basic factor to consider. The most important thing is to understand what it is that you are getting at that cost. For a domain, consider the disk space, the bandwidth, the number of emails, and such. Seek to understand what value your money is giving you, lest you pay less, and end up being disappointed.

Assuming you have a website that is not as busy, a basic hosting package should serve you just right. Otherwise, consult the webmaster and learn what would suit you better. With that understanding, you get comfortable as you pay and what you receive is satisfaction as per your expectation.

Domain and web hosting prices are relatively fair in Kenya. What you should be careful about is the service provider. Ensure you get the services from a reputable company. Customer support should be the key thing that fascinates you. Else, you risk losing even millions in the hands of some ‘absent’ service providers. For more enlightenment, you can reach out to us, Right Here

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