Orawebhost is a leading Web Solutions service provider in Kenya. Currently boasting of offering hosting solution to more than 10,000 websites and applications in Kenya and beyond.Orawebhost has been empowering clients since 2010.



Our is not just to take you online, we grow with you online in a safe environment where you concentrate on your profit maximization as we work 24/7 to ensure that your website is enjoying 99.9% uptime. We fight spammers, intruders and so that you can enjoy the full service from Orawebhost.


We understand the hosting environment better than the rest, you got a problem with your application? you got us to solve it. Keeping you online is our core business, we have therefore invested in a team of experts who are on standby to keep your online dream moving. We are on chat, emails, phone call and skype. Just waiting for you.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed and Security
Responsive Design
Easy Knowledge Base
Free Web Tools & Applications
24/7 Award Winning Support
Free Updates Lifetime